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Enjoy a wellness break in our gym, on our Rooftop or in your room. All our areas are equipped and offer services on request allowing you to take care of yourself during your stay at PLEY Hotel.



Reserved for hotel guests, our fitness centre is equipped with modern treadmills and wheight machines. Staying at the PLEY Hotel will no longer be an excuse!

Enjoy a sporty break in an upscale, soothing environment in the heart of Paris.





Enjoy a moment and relax at PLEY!

We are pleased to offer you yoga classes led by our partner OLY BE. Pilates and personal development classes are also available. The PLEY Hotel offers individual and group yoga sessions, so let yourself be tempted to discover various postures ranging from Supta Konasana to Viparita Karani.

Open to all levels, our classes are open to hotel guests, up to 4 people.

Our front desk team is available to book your yoga classes, subject to availability.

Class times:

Saturday: 11am-12pm

Sunday: 11am-12pm*

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